Shipping FAQ


Notice: Unfortunately due to the new VAT policies, I can no longer ship to the United Kingdom. I don't have enough information on how to to make it work for my personal shop and I am currently overwhelmed with many things at work T_T. I am as much disappointed as you guys are since a huge % of my loyal customers are from the UK. Hopefully one day. For now shipping to the UK is completely disabled on my site and if somehow a purchase is made from the UK, I will refund that order immediately. I am extremely sorry but I am eternally grateful for your continued support!


Notice: Due to how hard the pandemic affect my little art shop, I sadly will have to raise the order minimum to $75 from $50. I loved being able to help provide some sort of financial relief shipping-wise for customers who continually supported me over years. However I do this out of pocket and it's started to wear a hole in my wallet. Please know that even though I raised the order minimum, I will continually add lots of extra stickers!!! Sometimes I'll slide in some old merch :)

Please use the code: (FREESHIP) for free shipping on all orders worth $75 or more!

Q: How long does it usually take to send an order?

***EDIT 2021***
Currently due to COVID-19 virus, my suppliers are extremely delayed so many of my products are back-ordered. I'm so sorry, but it may take me about a month to two months to fulfill most pre-orders. It may take me about 10-15 days to process an order and about 7-10 days to ship an order. Thank you so much for your consideration and understanding!

Domestic shipment in the USA may take 7 to 10 days and international shipment from USA may take 12 to 20 days. It depends on the carrier.

Q: Do you offer tracking?

A: All order comes with a tracking number provided by USPS. However it depends on the carrier (NOT ME) on whether or not they update the tracking. Once it leaves my office, then the package is in the hands of the carrier. If there is issue with the tracking number not updating, please contact your local post office first to see if they're able to find your package. If there are still any issues, then please feel free to message me using the contact form.

Q: What if I never received my package or it gets lost in transit?

A: If your tracking number does not update 3 weeks after the order has been shipped, I can replace the lost order one time only. After the second attempt, if the package is still lost then unfortunately I will have to send a 80% refund. 20% will go towards lost product and shipment fees that incurred.

Q: You used to give out snacks! What happened to them?

A: I don't want to be the reason why someone has an allergic reaction :( From now on I will be giving stickers as freebies! I think it's a little more fun that way since I'll be designing monthly stickers for my orders!