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Cotton Face Masks

$15.00 USD

Stay safe with these cotton masks that are both comfortable and stylish! Even though states are starting to ease up on restrictions, it's important to remember that you can still catch Covid-19, especially now with dangerous variants in the air!

The black mask is inspired by the lunar tear and my love of the NieR series. Did you know that the lunar tear flower is able to grant one wish if you are able to find one?

The aquamarine colored mask is based on my love for boba and how I'm a boba bum. That's all hehe :)

Each masks has a built in filter pocket and will come with 3 PM2.5 filters each for free! You can buy replaceable mask filters from Amazon, Aliexpress and some local markets. I was able to buy a pack of 30 from H-mart ! :) You can also stuff a 3ply mask as its considered good protection to layer up as well.

These masks are not 100% foolproof against Covid-19, but they will do the utmost on helping you stay safe as long as you are maintaining proper hygiene and social distancing. Remember to wash your hands and stay 6ft apart from strangers!!