Animal Crossing Vinyl Stickers

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Animal Crossing Vinyl Stickers

Bring your favorite villager home as a sticker!! This is the first set of villagers I've made and will definitely be bringing more soon!! Please refer to the chart to see what villager is available. They are listed from A-E, left to right.

A) Audie, Molly, Genji, Beau, Julien
B) Lily, Lucky, Hazel, Fauna, Skye
C) Erik, Coco, Judy, Raymond, Merengue
D) Tia, Whitney, Stitches, Ketchup, Marshal
E) CJ, Flick, Daisy Mae

All stickers are printed on white vinyl and are waterproof! Sizes range from 2.5 inch to 3 inch.

There are also deals listed in the drop down box, so if you do decide to go for a deal, please list which characters you'd like!

NOTICE: These stickers are on preorder for now, but I have already made the order for theses charms to arrive by Mid July! Will be able to ship out by the end of July :) Some charms I didn't order a lot of since I wasn't sure if the characters I selected are to anyone's tastes. Definitely have a lot of Judy though. And Raymond.