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Animal Crossing Acrylic Charms

$5.00 USD - $20.00 USD On sale

Bring your favorite villager home with a small acrylic charm! This is the first set of villagers I've made and will definitely be bringing more soon!! Please refer to the chart to see what villager is available. They are listed from A-E, left to right.

A) Audie, Molly, Genji, Beau, Julien
B) Lily, Lucky, Hazel, Fauna, Skye
C) Erik, Coco, Judy, Raymond, Merengue
D) Tia, Whitney, Stitches, Ketchup, Marshal
E) CJ, Flick, Daisy Mae

All charms are double board acrylic and comes with a lariat strap. Sizes range from 1.8inches to 2.5 inches depending on how tall the character is.

There are also deals listed in the drop down box, so if you do decide to go for a deal, please list which characters you'd like!